Why You Should Eat a Big A$$ Salad During Fat Loss

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As a child, salads didn’t exist for me.  

I was your classic chicken nugget and mac n’ cheese girl… 

In fact, I’m not sure I knew a side salad was an option until my late teenage years, and even then, it wasn’t something I was eager to order or put on the menu.  

Throughout my fat loss journey, I, like everyone else, have had one major pain in my side… 


I could probably pay off all my student loans with the money I’ve wasted on vegetables that have gone wasted in the refrigerator. (Oops)

One day, I listened to a podcast from Coach Jordan Syatt who spoke on the importance of veggies while acknowledging the reality that nobody REALLY likes them.  

His solution? 

Eat 1 salad everyday.  

If you’ve followed Complete Performance for some time, you know we’ve taken that advice and run with it! 

We put a HUGE emphasis on the Big A$$ Salad with our #CPTeam members.  

Here are 3 reasons you should have a Big A$$ Salad everyday (during fat loss or not): 

#1 Reduces Decision Fatigue 

Let’s be honest, meal prep is HARD.  

One of the hardest parts about it is knowing WHAT to prepare.  

Why not take one meal off your plate? 

If you know you’re having 1 Big A$$ Salad everyday, you only have 2 more to think about (maybe snacks).  

Yes, you still have to decide what goes in it, but you’ve just eliminated THOUSANDS of options by narrowing it down to just a salad.  

This is what we call “reducing decision fatigue.” 

When you have too many decisions to make, you drain your motivation and willpower.  When those are empty, you resort to what’s fast, easy and cheap (NONE of those good for your diet).  

Save your willpower.  

Save your motivation.  

Eat the Big A$$ Salad and use it on your other meals.  

#2 Satiety & Food Volume 

Besides cutting back on the decisions you have to make, a Big A$$ Salad is a better nutritional choice for 2 reasons: 

Satiety – 

Salads can and, if you’re aiming for fat loss or toning, should be packed with protein, which is the most satiating nutrient.   

Why does that matter? 

While in a calorie deficit, you’re eating less food than what your body wants.  Naturally, your body is going to let you know that by sending MORE hunger signals.  

Fat loss aside, if you’re changing your dietary habits, your mind is going to do its best to push you back to your old habits.  Cravings are going to SKYROCKET! 

Therefore, whether it’s hunger from a deficit or cravings from a desire for old ways, you can’t let a hungry mind wander.  

Fill your body with protein.  

Keep the hunger at bay.  

Curb the cravings. 

Eat the salad.  

And please note, the protein does NOT have to be animal protein.  Some of the BEST additions to a salad are plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, greens, etc.  

Food Volume – 

The protein (and fiber) in salads will help keep you full, but the volume of food you can take from a salad will DEFINITELY help keep you full.  

A Big A$$ Salad really gives you the most bang for your buck.  

Take a look at this breakdown for my typical Taco Salad – 

That’s a LOT of food for not a lot of calories!! 

#3 Individual Creativity 

There’s one last piece to Big A$$ Salads that make them so beneficial… 

Individual Creativity 

How cool is it that you can add or subtract whatever you want to a salad? 

Want rice on your taco salad? GREAT! 

Would you rather have beans? AWESOME! 

There’s no right or wrong item to have on a salad! 

My favorite part? 

Looking at a recipe for a salad, taking out the items I don’t love or that fit with my calories/macros and adding what I want! 

Take for example another one of my favorite salads – Mixed Berry Chicken Salad.  

I like walnuts, but they’re not an item I typically keep in the house.  Instead, I typically use almonds or cashews.  

Get creative! 

Use the foods you enjoy! 

Make it something you love! 

Whether you’re here to lose weight, tone up or get healthy, a Big A$$ Salad can really up your game.  

If you need some help leveling up your Big A$$ Salad Game, CLICK HERE for more FREE recipes and ideas.  

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