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The Fat Loss Schedule

Have you ever started a diet only to feel like you don’t have time for it? All the time doing things like:  Meal Planning  Counting Calories  Working Out  It’s just too much!!  Is there a way to fit it all into your schedule??  During our #CPTeam Welcome Process, our...

Why You Should Eat a Big A$$ Salad During Fat Loss

As a child, salads didn’t exist for me.   I was your classic chicken nugget and mac n’ cheese girl…  In fact, I’m not sure I knew a side salad was an option until my late teenage years, and even then, it wasn’t something I was eager to order or put on the menu.  ...

How to Get Back in the Gym

Since I was 13 years old, the gym has been one of my favorite places. It’s the constant in my day, my safe space, and my time for ME. When I come back after time away, it’s like coming home after a long vacation – I’m grateful for the break, but SO ready to get back...

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