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Sports Performance Training at Complete Performance

Our sports performance program is designed for the individual looking to take their game to the next level. Your program combines strength training, speed, recovery and mobility work in a program focused on your unique goals.




Performance Training
Memberships Include

Coach-Led Workouts

These sessions are for 6 to 8 persons to provide a more individualized experience at a more affordable price. Coaches work with you to understand your goals, availability and time frame surrounding your goal. Your program features individualized warm ups, exercises and bonuses to do in and out of the gym.

Essentials of Nutrition

In order to improve your performance in sports, it takes more than a great training program. It takes FUEL! Coaches are equipped to provide the essentials of sports nutrition to fit your goals, sport and lifestyle.


We’re in this together! Coaches and community members build the accountability necessary to be successful both in gym and competition. The honest and open communication between coaches and clients is more than just a gym; it’s a fun, motivating community!

Community Network

You’re here to be coached during workouts, but to reach your goals, it takes a team bigger than you and me. Members receive access to our exclusive community for resources, sports specialists and a network to take you to the next level.

Performance Training
Membership Options

2x / week

$190 /month

( $19.00 /session )

3x / week


$270 /month

( $18.00 /session )

5x / week

$399 /month

( $15.96 /session )

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From Members with Sports Performance Goals

5 Star Rating
Brian at Complete Performance has been amazing for our 16 year old son.

Not only has he gotten stronger through Brian’s thorough well planned workouts but he has gained confidence in his activities. Sports nutrition and healthy choices have rounded out a great experience at Complete Performance LLC.

Join the Complete Performance team! Brian and Jordan are the best in the business!

Lisa F.

(parent of member)

5 Star Rating
Brian’s program helped prepare me for college in multiple different aspects. It has improved my confidence in the weight room. I’m familiar with all the equipment and exercises. He also taught me the importance of technique so I’m not getting injured. And lastly he taught me about nutrition, making sure I’m eating the right amount and fueling my body with the proper food.

Madi U.

5 Star Rating
Thanks to Complete Performance, my basketball game has skyrocketed. Their specialized training has honed my skills, from speed and agility to strength and endurance, making me a force on the court. I’ve never felt more confident in my abilities, all thanks to the personalized approach at Complete Performance.

Jackson D.

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