Muscle Building
Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training Membership at Complete Performance

Our semi-private training is designed for the individual looking for a more personalized approach in their health journey. Your program combines strength training, cardio and mobility work in a program focused on your unique goals.




Semi-Private Training
Memberships Include

Individualized Programming

These sessions are for 4 to 6 persons to provide a more individualized experience at a more affordable price. Coaches work with you to understand your goals, availability and time frame surrounding your goal. Your program features individualized warm ups, exercises and bonuses to do in and out of the gym.

Nutrition Coaching

You are unique, and your diet should be too. Coaches design your nutrition program to fit your goals, diet and exercise history and lifestyle. Using a variety of progress measures, we’ll make regular updates to your program to keep you on the path to success!


We’re in this together! Coaches and community members build the accountability necessary to be successful both in and out of the gym. The honest and open communication between coaches and clients is more than just a gym; it’s a fun, motivating community!

Community Access

You’re here to be coached during workouts, but to reach your goals, you need success all day long. Members receive access to our exclusive community for trainings, challenges and fun events.

Semi-Private Training
Membership Options

2x / week

$167 /month

( $16.70 /session )

3x / week


$197 /month

( $13.10 /session )

5x / week

$297 /month

( $11.88 /session )

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From Members with Muscle Building Goals

5 Star Rating

I have been a semi-private client of Complete Performance for almost a year. I’ve always struggled with consistency in my training, but the crew at Complete Performance has helped keep me accountable and engaged in the process. I’ve enjoyed the variety in each workout, and the progress that has been made over time. If you’re looking for a gym that you’ll want to consistently show up at, I’d recommend Complete Performance.

Rob B.

5 Star Rating
I started at CP just over a year ago, because I knew the single best thing I could do for my health is strength training, I was hoping to find a way to shift towards becoming strong for the rest of my life. I was so tired of nagging injuries and intense workouts that were leaving me in a state of constant fatigue and adding pound after pound no matter how hard I worked out. Especially you ladies in mid-life, hear me now, this can change your life. It has changed mine. I’m stronger than I have ever been. Now my kids, my husband, my brother, AND my 81 year old mom all come to CP!

Sara W.

5 Star Rating

For almost 2 years I have been a semi-private client of Complete Performance. As a semi-private client, you are provided your own strength training programs. The coaches help you through the exercises, make sure you have correct form, push you to become stronger and have more mobility. And might I add, you have FUN! I am your typical roller coaster, rarely stick to a program, get bored easily type of person, but that has changed since becoming a member of Complete Performance. I enjoy and look forward to my 3 sessions a week.

Dee Dee B.

5 Star Rating
My husband and I have been going to this gym for three years now and love it! The trainers are very knowledgeable and encouraging in their training, nutritional counseling, and accountability. They go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals with individual check-ins. Members are welcoming and fun to work out with, I highly recommend Complete Performance!

Diane R.

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