Remote Training

Extremely Busy? Short On Time? Live Too Far Away? Just Prefer to Do Your Own Thing?

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, our remote coaching is designed to fit your lifestyle no matter where you are! We offer a complete approach to health through our fitness and nutrition coaching to guide you every step of the way!

Remote Coaching
Membership Includes

Anytime, Anywhere Workouts

Whether it’s distance, time or personal preference, coming to our gym might not be the best option for you. It’s important you have workouts doable anytime, anywhere. Programs are built with your time and access to equipment in mind, so whether you workout at home, in a hotel or at a gym, you’ll be able to squeeze in a great workout.

Essentials of Nutrition

You are unique, and your diet should be too. Coaches design your nutrition program to fit your goals, diet and exercise history and lifestyle. Using a variety of progress measures, we’ll make regular updates to your program to keep you on the path to success!


We’re in this together! Coaches and community members build the accountability necessary to be successful both in and out of the gym. The honest and open communication between coaches and clients is more than just a gym; it’s a fun, motivating community!

Community Network

You’re here to be coached during workouts, but to reach your goals, you need success all day long. Members receive access to our exclusive community for trainings, challenges and fun events.

Remote Coaching
Membership Cost


$97 /month

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From Members Utilizing Remote Training

5 Star Rating

As a teacher and basketball coach, life is busy. I knew what I should/shouldn’t eat but was struggling to consistently plan and stick with it. Enter Jordan. I started with Jordan as my nutrition coach in May, and while there are still days where I don’t feel like sticking to the plan, knowing Jordan will be checking in has majorly helped with my consistency and accountability. I love the flexibility her plans offer with food choices, and her recipe suggestions are delicious!!

Deb P.

5 Star Rating
Nutrition is a part of my life that has always been inconsistent and a reflection of my stress and feelings of self worth. Jordan allows me the opportunity to embrace small successes. She structures nutrition in a realistic way for someone with a very busy life, loaded with decision making fatigue. When I succeed, I’m celebrated. When I need tough love, it’s there. Jordan is consistent and meets me where I’m at, with my goals as the focus.

Mandy W.

5 Star Rating
With POTS and PCOS, I needed to work with someone who didn’t put me into a ‘one size fits all’ fitness program, and since I live in a rural area, most in-person programs didn’t work for me. After working with Jordan online since October 2022, I can’t picture working with anyone else.

Her coaching has taught me how to build a lifestyle with habits centered around my food and fitness that are actually sustainable. Her guidance, teaching, and accountability have been pivotal for me in figuring out what my body needs and how to maintain giving it those things. Since starting to work with her, I’ve been able to consistently drop weight, sleep better, and have enough energy to do the things I love. If you want to understand your body better and build a healthy lifestyle you can sustain, you’ll find a home here.

Krista J.

5 Star Rating
Jordan and Brian really care about their clients and will work with you to meet and maintain your individual goals.

Donna B.

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