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Weight Loss Training

Large Group Class Membership at Complete Performance

Our group session design has helped hundreds of individuals reach their weight loss and wellness goals. Whether you’ve been in the gym for years or you’re just starting your journey, our training is rooted in functional fitness to help you lose weight, move better, get stronger and crush your goals!




Group Classes

Session Schedule

Monday – Friday

5:15 AM, 6:15 AM, 9:15 AM
4:30 PM, 5:30 PM


7:30 AM

Group Training
Memberships Include

Coach-Led Workouts

Our coach-led sessions cap at 16 people and are designed to get your heart rate up, make you sweat and build lean muscle! Large group sessions follow an 8 to 12 week program focused on a specific upper and lower body movement and their progressions. Technique coaching, modifications and motivation are provided by our top coaches throughout the 45-minute sessions.

Nutrition Coaching

You are unique, and your diet should be too. Coaches design your nutrition program to fit your goals, diet and exercise history and lifestyle. Using a variety of progress measures, we’ll make regular updates to your program to keep you on the path to success!


We’re in this together! Coaches and community members build the accountability necessary to be successful both in and out of the gym. The honest and open communication between coaches and clients is more than just a gym; it’s a fun, motivating community!

Community Access

You’re here to be coached during workouts, but to reach your goals, you need success all day long. Members receive access to our exclusive community for trainings, challenges and fun events.

Group Training
Membership options

2x / week

$127 /month

( $12.70 /session )

3x / week


$167 /month

( $11.00 /session )


$237 /month

( $8.00 /session )

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From Members with Weight Loss Goals

5 Star Rating
I was looking to get back to a regular work out routine to get back into shape, lose weight, get stronger and healthy. I came across Complete Performance on social media and shared my interest in getting to know more. Jordan took the time to do an intro call with me to share lots of info on all Complete Performance has to offer and to get to know me, where I am at now and what my goals are and if this would be a good fit. I was able to do a free session to try it out and instantly loved the atmosphere, the challenge of the workout, the nutrition guidance, all the support and accountability (which I need!).

The group training sessions are fun and my workout buddies are all so encouraging! Each day is a different workout and always challenging. Jordan will work with you to tailor things to your fitness level and/or any limitations you may have. She carefully creates programs for us to improve our strength, mobility, endurance and make us healthier in general!

The close community atmosphere is fantastic and I look forward to my workouts and seeing my workout buddies every day. Jordan is available and always so helpful providing us with so much information and guidance. She even offers us weekly coaching calls to check in on our nutrition and how things are going and answer any questions we may have. Each of us matters and you don’t feel like just another body coming in and out of the gym.

Kari S.

5 Star Rating
The workouts are organized, challenging, and well planned.
You come to the workouts just as you are, and workout at the level you are able. Over time you can see your progress in strength and progression of certain exercises. Jordan is a great coach, and truly cares about your goals and success. CP loves to celebrate your WINS along the way. I’m glad to have great coaches and workout friends!!!

Nicole R.

5 Star Rating
Complete Performance is a great gym that has individual workouts and group workouts. I have been going to CP for 4 years now and have enjoyed every workout. Although they have many clients, the individual attention you receive from Jordan, Brian, and other trainers isn’t something you will get at other gyms. Once you are a part of the gym, there is a vast amount of resources on nutrition and exercise available to you. The attention you receive from the trainers especially on form is great. Even if injured they will modify exercises for you to allow you to still work on your health, but also heal that injury. Without Jordan and Brian and going to CP, I wouldn’t have been able to do a sprint triathlon nor would I have been in shape to play football. I appreciate everything they have done for me and will always recommend this gym to anyone that asks.

Megan D.

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