See What Our Clients Have to Say About Body Composition by Jordan
Jordan has been my coach for almost three years, initially as a coach in a larger gym setting and for the last few months as my nutrition coach. In that time, I’ve lost almost forty pounds, dropped several inches, and decreased or discontinued several of my prescription medications. I’m thrilled that I had to replace almost every piece of clothing I own.

Jordan isn’t a coach that collects your payment, tells you how many calories you need to eat to reach your goal, then disappears. She’s with you every step of the way, celebrating your successes and holding your hand through the stumbles. I was recently traveling and ended up stuck at a fast food restaurant for lunch with only burgers and fries to choose from. Even though she was also out of town and coaching an entire team of teenage girls at the time, she talked me through my mini-crisis and helped me figure out the healthiest option to keep me on track.

Jordan’s coaching has not only helped me look and feel better physically but also greatly improved my confidence and self-worth.

Keri B.

As a teacher and basketball coach, life is busy. I knew what I should/shouldn’t eat but was struggling to consistently plan and stick with it. Enter Jordan. I started with Jordan as my nutrition coach in May, and while there are still days where I don’t feel like sticking to the plan, knowing Jordan will be checking in has majorly helped with my consistency and accountability. I love the flexibility her plans offer with food choices, and her recipe suggestions are delicious!!
Deb P.

I have very much revamped my lifestyle after working with Jordan! I no longer view things as a diet it has simply become part of the way I function with my food. It is not that I’m perfect but I can certainly see that my habits have changed significantly and that is thanks to you! This is a victory that I hope will stick with me longer than anything!
Natalie U.