The Fat Loss Schedule

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Have you ever started a diet only to feel like you don’t have time for it?

All the time doing things like: 

  • Meal Planning 
  • Counting Calories 
  • Working Out 

It’s just too much!! 

Is there a way to fit it all into your schedule?? 

During our #CPTeam Welcome Process, our clients build their own Fat Loss Schedule, and I want to give you a glimpse of how to do that for yourself! 

Here’s 5 steps to building your Fat Loss Schedule: 

Step 1: Establish Your Priorities 

I will NEVER tell you that fitness and nutrition needs to be as high of a priority as it is for me.  

(Remember, it is MY JOB!)

But, I promise to always be transparent with you, so here it goes… 

If you’re serious about losing body fat right now, that needs to become a priority.  

Look, I work primarily with busy females.  

Some run businesses. 

Some are moms. 

And some fill their plates like it’s Thanksgiving dinner everyday.  

In short, your top few priorities NEED to be elsewhere, but if fat loss is NOT in the Top 5(ish), then you can expect to be frustrated by your lack of results.  

That might mean you have to put some things on the back burner… 

Social Events 

Happy Hours 

Volunteering to Run Every Project, Event, Etc.  

Does it mean you cannot do them? 


It just means that you need to take care of your workouts and nutrition FIRST, then look to add things to your plate.  

Oh, and I hate to break it to you, but that might also mean you have to order a Big A$$ Salad while you’re out to eat.  

But hey, if you ask me, that’s not so bad! 

Step 2: Time Block 

Once you nudge fitness and nutrition into your top priorities, it’s time to use time blocks to be sure they stay there.  

“What’s a time block?” 

It’s a block or chunk of time dedicated to a specific task or activity.  

Like right now, this hour was blocked off in my calendar ONLY for writing this blog.  

Here’s a peek at what my weekly time blocking schedule looks like.  

So how does this work for you? 

My recommendation is that you block off times in this order: 

  • Times for Work (Whatever your appointments or schedule looks like.  For example, my training sessions where I’m with clients come first on my calendar)
  • Times for Family/Kids (Pick ups, drop offs, games, concerts, activities, etc.)
  • Times for Meal Planning & Prep (Find a style suitable for your lifestyle, but you MUST go into the week with some type of plan.  You won’t find this specifically listed on my calendar, but it falls under Friday Misc. Tasks) 
  • Times for Workouts (Be realistic in the frequency and duration you set for these)

Once you’ve established these things, then you can fill in with other miscellaneous things – laundry, cleaning, science fair prep, social events, etc. 

Step 3: Set Reminders 

I wish just setting time blocks were enough… 

It usually takes a bit more of a nudge, especially when you’re adapting to a new way of living.  

A phone reminder can be a great nudge! 

(Especially when it goes off in church 😱)

Most of us fill out our time blocks then totally forget about it… 

Personally, I get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day that I forget to move on when time is up.  

OR, something pops up and I get excited about tackling that first.  

Here’s how I set reminders – 

  • 15 Minutes Before 
  • 5 Minutes Before 
  • Right on Time 

This schedule gives me a heads up that my time is nearing the end AND helps me to not get distracted and cross into the next block of time.  

Step 4: Follow Through 

You can set all the reminders you want for your time blocks, but there’s still one very important piece… 

You have to do it!!!

This all comes down to honoring your commitments.  

If you say you’re going to do something, do it.  

As you know, this is a lot easier said than done.  

But this builds confidence, momentum and routine.  

All of which are great for sticking with a diet and exercise program.  

Step 5: Review 

The last part MIGHT be the most important part! 

Did it work for you? 

Do you need to make any changes to make you more successful? 

This step doesn’t need to be long, but it helps to set you up for continued success! 

Are you ready to lose body fat? 

Do you want to know what this looks like in our #CPTeam Welcome Process? 

CLICK HERE to find out for yourself!

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