3 Steps to a Sizzlin’ Summer Body

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Lifestyle, Nutrition, Training

Have you done it yet?

Have you ripped off the band aid and tried on those summer clothes yet?


I remember hating that as far back as elementary school!

Yes, I was still a growing kid who had every reason to NOT fit into her clothes, I hated the feeling of being TOO BIG.

If I’m being honest, I kind of liked it when I got older and realized I wasn’t the only one dreading trying on shorts, tanks, and those 1 or 2 dresses.

But finding comfort in others didn’t change the fact that I still hated walking around in shorts or tanks – DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SWIMSUITS!

Once I was old enough to understand that I could change my body composition (yes, that was like 14 or 15 years old), I tried every spring and summer to get as fit as possible.

When I got older still, I didn’t understand why I felt like at the start of every single summer I was losing the SAME pudgy belly fat.  I was hellbent on NOT being the girl who looked like she had a few pounds to lose when she put on her swimsuit.

Over time in my own personal experience and that of coaching others, I came up with the FIT Method to help others slim down not just for the summer but for ANY time during the year they were hoping to tighten things up.

Check it out here.


Let me ask you – Why have you never been able to get that sizzlin’ summer body?

And another question – Why do you have to cram in a bunch of workouts and a quick (but extreme diet) every single spring?

Not sure?

Honestly, it has everything to do with the first step in the FIT Method.


You haven’t bothered to find 2 things:

  1. What You Want to Achieve MOST
  2. Your BIGGEST Pain Point

“I want to lose 5 to 15 pounds for summer, that’s what I want.”

Sure, on the surface you do, but what do REALLY want? What do you want MOST of all?

Most of us never look beyond the summer (or whatever the short-term or surface level goal is).

WHY do you want to lose 5 to 15 pounds for summer?

Is it so you can take part in an activity? Keep up with your kids? Look good for this wedding? Not scare away the kids in your swimsuit?

Then it moves to WHY do those things matter to you?

Is it because you’ve always considered yourself the beached whale? Or that you hate having to tell your kids you can’t do something or keep up with them? Or is it because you hate the way you look in pictures?

My point is that you need to keep digging.

If you don’t look at what it is you really want (to finally not be the fat mom, to have your partner turned on by you, to have a picture of yourself that you love to look at, etc.) you will ALWAYS find yourself beating yourself up in workouts and cramming low-calorie foods into your mouth come springtime.

Oh, but wait, that’s not all because finding what you want most doesn’t ACTUALLY get you to that sizzlin’ summer body.  There’s something else you need to find…

Your BIGGEST pain point.

Think of this as the thorn in your side, the food or event you just can’t resist, or quite simply, the reason you ALWAYS fall off your diet and exercise program.

Without identification of your pain point, you’re really putting a band aid over a stitches necessary problem.

You NEED to stop the bleeding.

For me, until I acknowledged that my stress levels were out of control, I was always going to struggle with my cravings, body composition, and self-loathing.

(P.S. Shameless plug for the tools I’ve put together to better manage your stressed-out eating habits and cravings – click HERE to check it out).

For one of my clients in Circle Pines, she’d NEVER be down almost 30 pounds in 15 weeks had she not changed her approach to preparing meals for herself and her family.

For one of my clients online, she’d NEVER have time for herself and her husband had she not honestly looked at the ABSURD amount of time she spent working and traveling (for work).

The point is that you need to stop the bleeding by identifying the source of the bleed.

Think of it this way, if you KNEW your child was in danger, would you just let it happen? Or would you jump in the way and fight like hell to defend him or her?

Is that really even a question?

Neither is the importance of finding your biggest pain point.

It’s not easy, but if you take an honest look at your lifestyle and your diet and exercise history, I’m sure you can identify some pain points.


We all have things we HATE about the industry we work in.  Well, one of mine is that we ALWAYS jump to the fixes.

The diets – calorie deficits, tracking macros, taking supplements etc.

The workouts – 4 to 5 days per week, HIGH intensity, advanced movements, heavy weights, etc.

Not only are you completely skipping over the part where you find out what it is that you actually want and why it’s been so unattainable to this point (AKA your biggest pain point), you are WAY over committing yourself.

What happens when you over commit yourself?

You get overwhelmed.

What happens when you get overwhelmed?

You get stressed.

What happens when you’re stressed?

You look for ways to reduce stress.

What are the first things to go? (Still not 100% sure why this ALWAYS has to be the first to go…).

Diet and exercise.

Here’s the thing – it DOES NOT need to be that way.

This is why I love the FIT Method.

Once you find what you want and what’s stopped you from getting there in the past, it’s time to implement.

But here’s the key to the FIT Method – you only implement ONE THING.

For any new client who starts with me, we agree upon 1 diet and 1 activity component to which he or she can commit to for 7 days.

It might be a glass of water when you wake up, a substantial breakfast, or a protein at every meal.

It might be a walk on your lunch break, some muscular recovery and activity, or a training session.

The real key is that it’s ONLY ONE THING.

Anything else is considered a bonus.

Once you’ve succeeded in adding one thing for a week, we add another, and we continue to repeat this process as you are ready (like actually ready, not the desperate for results ready).

Outside of glossing our desires and pain points, THIS is the reason you have yet to maintain your results.

Stop trying to cram everything into late-March through May, so you can finally stop stressing about the 5 to 15 pounds you’d like to lose before you put on your cute summer clothes.


At this point, I really should be able to just leave you with “Thrive,” but you came here for the ENTIRE FIT Method.

Thrive is the best part.

This is where you’re implementing more and more things and really settling into the lifestyle THOUSANDS of coaches, practitioners, and probably even you have talked about.

Now, thrive doesn’t mean things are always sunshine and roses with constant fat loss…

What it does mean is that you’re ALWAYS thriving in your quest for progress.  You’re always moving forward, learning something, and discovering new things about yourself.

So let’s keep this short and sweet, are you ready to get FIT?

Hey, if you want to see exactly how I use the FIT Method, join in our FREE 21 Day Stress-Free Fat Loss Challenge.  It is 100% FREE with no commitment; it’s simply an opportunity for you to see how I’ve helped many not just lose 5 to 15 pounds for summer but for LIFE.

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About The Author

Jordan Davies is the Co-Owner of Complete Performance. Jordan has her B.S. in Exercise Science and Psychology, and her M.A. in Holistic Health Studies. She is a CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach, and a PN-1 and NCI-1 certified nutrition coach. She loves to study how the human body needs to be moved and nourished and making that fit to your unique lifestyle. Click Here Now to Apply for Coaching with Jordan.


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