What Keeps You Motivated?

by | Aug 11, 2019 | Mindset

Who doesn’t need a little dose of Monday Motivation?

You had a good weekend, maybe a little too good, that the only thing you want to do is turn the alarm off, sleep a bit longer, and carry that weekend over right into Monday.

Monday’s are tough.

I’m not sure a single Monday passes where I don’t hear someone say “Ugh, it’s Monday, ya know?” or “Is it Friday yet?”

I’m guilty of it too!

In fact, there are times where I find myself and others so motivated to get to Friday that we forget about the opportunities a given week presents.

Sure, weekends are great, but the week is where we are given the chance to make the biggest difference.

There is over two times the number of days in a week as compared to the weekend. To me, that means there is over two times the opportunity for growth, change, and progress.

Whether it’s dieting, homework, entrepreneurship, or whatever it is that you’re striving to achieve, what if we worked really hard for five days, rested for two, and continually

repeated that cycle until we reached our goal?

What if we were less motivated by just getting to Friday and more motivated to get after it on Monday morning and to make the most of the week ahead?

There’s a reason why #MondayMotivation has become so popular.

There’s a reason why quotes, rants, and blogs are posted on Mondays with #MondayMotivation following.

It’s because we ourselves are motivated by one thing come Monday morning – making it back to Friday.

We are not intrinsically motivated enough to get fired up about Mondays that we search for motivation from outside sources.

But do you know what those external sources are trying to do?

They’re trying to turn on your internal motivation!

They are trying spark something within you.

They are hoping to help us remember and realize the motivating factors in our lives.

Yet nearly every week during client check-ins, someone asks “Where do I find motivation?” or “How can I stay motivated?”

Maybe the title of this blog is better suited as “What SHOULD Keep You Motivated?”

Regardless, there are three things I believe should motivate you in life.

Your Authorship

You may not possess the literary skills of Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, or Stephen King, but you are the author of the most important story – YOURS!

No one else can write the story of your life.

The best part?

You determine every detail that gets written.

Over the course of a lifetime, there are so many events that take place. Some we control and create. Others, we do not.

Our story is created based upon how we respond to these events.

Every time an event takes place, it and your associated response create a new chapter.

Your story features the different people, places, and things of your life, but only you hold the pen.

You determine whether or not there’s a happy ending to each scenario.

You hold all the control.

However, too often, you let other people and events control you.

It’s normal.

In fact, you will likely look to grab hold of someone else’s pen.

But the pen only writes with your hand on it.

Your story may feature other characters and events, but the story remains in a first-person view.

There are only two things over which we have complete control, and they are the foundation of our writing. The rest is just back-story.

When your writing is being steered by someone else, it means you are letting he or she influence your attitude and effort, the only two things you have complete control over in life.

Do you want a sad tragedy?

If you repeatedly drag through Mondays, dread going to work each day, and swear the world is working against you, your story will have an incredibly pessimistic tone.

Those books aren’t ones people remember, and those books are definitely NOT best sellers.

You have no control over the fact that Monday comes every week because the only thing that you control is how you approach each Monday and its associated events.

Your attitude sets the tone for your day, week, and life.

Then there’s effort.

How do you want yourself to be depicted in your story? As someone who just drags through? Or as someone who makes the most of every opportunity?

We already agreed that the majority prefers happy endings. Well, the effort you give determines whether or not your book has a successful and happy ending.

You cannot control the actions of others or the events that transgress.

You don’t even have control of the weather!

But you do have control over your attitude and effort, which directs your pen as you write your story.

You are the one living it, so why let anyone else write it?

Your Tribe

Who you surround yourself with and the people in your life make up a large portion of your story.

You may not control their actions, but they are a major influence.

One of the first questions I ask as a coach is, “WHY are you here?” or “What is pushing you to grab hold of your health now?”

Almost every time family and friends are listed as a reason.

To be able to do play with kids.

To be able to keep up with friends.

To adventure with a spouse.

To walk a child down the aisle.

Those are the things that get people started, and when the journey gets tough, that’s what nudges them to keep going.

The people we are closest to, our tribe, are the ones who motivate us.

You already know you have no control over them or their actions, and yet they are one of the biggest motivators.

These are the people we would do anything for; therefore, we need to do a better job of channeling that as our motivation.

Your workweek sucks?

Think of the friends you get to spend time with in the upcoming weekend. Every minute of work brings you one closer to that.

Salad doesn’t taste as good as pizza?

I know, but that salad is going to give you the energy in the short-term, and help maintain your vascular and heart health to allow for a long and healthy life with your spouse.

Burpees are hard?

Trust me, I KNOW. But think about how many times you have to get up and down off the floor with your kiddo. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to tell your kid you’re too tired and winded to play?

Regardless of what seems impossible or to challenging in the moment, think of your tribe.

Think of how your perseverance through this challenge impacts them.

They are the motivation that gets you through.

Or at least, they should be….

Fear of Regret

We’ll get right to it.

Who wants to be on their deathbed wishing they would have prioritized their workouts more so they could live a longer life?

Or eaten more salads?

Spent more time with family?

Enjoyed the little things in life?

The thought of those things may have pushed you to stand right up out of your chair.

But the reality is that we don’t think about ‘The End’ enough.

Yes, you absolutely need to live in the here and now, BUT if you really want some motivation, think about what you’re doing right now and if it would lead to regret later on?

Think about the things you want most in life, is what you’re doing now halting your progress or making it more difficult to get there?

If yes, then maybe you should seek a different course.

As humans, failure is one of our biggest fears, and regret is one of the biggest indications of failure.

It means you missed opportunities.

And you know what? It’s probably because you were handcuffed by you fear of failure, so you didn’t take action, and now you are regretting the failure to seize the opportunity.

When you’re looking for some motivation, think less about what it would feel like to fail in this scenario, and more about how it would feel if you chose not to seize the moment.

As a coach, I am consistently asked to give someone motivation or to help them find theirs; however, it’s not mine to give or to find.

Motivation is internal.

Motivation is about knowing what you want and why you want it.

As a coach, I will remind you of what you want, but motivation comes when you remind yourself that you are the only one who can create this outcome and write this story.

Motivation comes when you remind yourself of the people in your tribe, who aside from doing this for yourself, are the ones you are doing this for.

Motivation comes from the fear of waking up one day regretting all of the chances you didn’t take and dreaming of the life that could have been.

It’s something no one else can provide for you, but it’s what makes all the difference in pursuit of your goals.

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