Something Is Better Than Nothing. Why Waiting for the ‘Right Time’ Is Only Holding You Back?

by | May 20, 2019 | Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Training

Timing is everything.

You oversleep your alarm by 10 minutes, and your entire day is off routine.

You wait too long to eat and you are HANGRY.

You wait to start house projects until your slow season at work.

Whatever it is, we wait for just the right moment so as to not disturb the other factors in our lives.

It’s ironic that in a world where we have expectations of instant gratification and results, we are always stuck waiting for the ‘right time’ on major things.

As a coach, if I had a penny for every time someone told me “That sounds great, but I think I need to wait until ‘X’ happens,” I wouldn’t even need to coach!

You want the results NOW, but you have decided NOW is not the time for the work.

Do you know what happens the longer you wait?

Well, another frequent conversation I have with clients is that the behaviors and habits you currently live by were not built in a day so the expectation for them to disappear in the same time frame is unrealistic.

See, the longer you wait, the more you solidify those habits; therefore, the harder they become to break.

But no matter what, habits are hard to break. The simplest way to explain why you should NOT wait is this: you’re only putting yourself one day further away from your goals or your ideal self.

I absolutely understand that this may be a busy season of life for you, but my challenge to you is to start SOMETHING today. Big or small. Goal related or not. Do something, so you’re not distancing yourself from that goal any further.

Determining what that something is can be difficult. It could be drinking water, going for a walk, eating a piece of fruit or vegetables, practicing gratitude, take a stretch break, or planning your day or week ahead of time.

These things might not be easy, but they are simple to incorporate.

You aren’t being asked to give up your Diet Coke or morning Starbucks run. There’s no need to stare into the fridge with no clue of how to prepare a healthy meal. You don’t even need to start a 15-minute meditation practice.

Simplify all of those major changes, by starting with one or more simpler tasks.

All you need to do is start with something small. Who knows, it may jumpstart your journey to a healthy lifestyle or it may not, but at minimum it is not furthering you from performing at your best and achieving your goals.

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