How YOU Can Stop Feeling SO Busy

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Mindset, Training

Do you feel like you’re always on the go?

Like you’re always crunched for time?

How about this – how many times a day do you say “I’m too busy!”?

Remember this lady?

Ain’t NOBODY got time for an apartment fire!

Then there’s the rest of us, we’re too busy for family, friends, and service that there is

NO CHANCE we have time to take care of ourselves.

What if I told you that your life doesn’t need to be like that?

What if I told you that being “too busy” was simply just a state of mind?

Because for most of us it is.

For most of us, a change in perspective can free up enough time to wrap up those

nagging tasks or snag some quality time with family and friends.

Here’s how YOU can open up your schedule:

Stop Talking About It

Your words matter, and when your brain hears you talk about being busy, it believes it regardless the merit behind it.

What’s your response to “How are you?”

For many, it’s “Busy!”

It has replaced the classic answers of “Good” or “Fine,” and has caused so many of us to believe we are much busier than we are according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey.

We’re busier because we’ve convinced ourselves of it!

We need a change in perspective, and that starts with our words.

Resist the urge to tell people you’re busy by sharing facts. Share things that you’re working on or things that make you feel proud.

Not only does this make you feel less busy, it also reenergizes and motivates you to continue your work!

Stop Trying to Multi-Task

Our to-do lists seem to grow longer and longer, so of course it feels great to work on knocking off a couple of those at one time.

Yes, it feels GREAT to cross both of those things off, but did you know that if you took on one task at a time and gave it your sole attention you’re actually more likely to finish both tasks faster?

Then there are the things we don’t even realize are considered multi-tasking – watching TV while meal prepping, checking your email during family time, reading a book while walking on the treadmill.

Two things happen in those scenarios:

  • More time is required
  • Lower quality product

Research has found this to lead to a greater sense of busyness or feeling overwhelmed.

Separate your tasks and allow your brain to focus on a singular task.

Plan ‘Me Time’

Too often, the feeling of being “too busy” relates to the brain lacking time to decompress.

The brain decompresses during what I like to call ‘Me Time.’

That Me Time tends to be so focused on physical well-being – exercising, walking, massage, or skincare.

Take a look at what you do for self-care, and consider how you can add in more mental health care.

Think of things like:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • A quiet walk
  • Quality time with friends or family
  • Listening to a song
  • Coloring
  • Taking a nap
  • Reading

Recognize the importance of Me Time.

Work to view it as a contributor to success and not as a burden.

Watch as you begin to step out of the busy-ness and feel more in control of all that is thrown at you in life.

Delegate or Ask for Help

What is it about us that leads us to believe we cannot ask others for help?

Do we truly believe our friends and family don’t want to help us?

Of course not!

We just don’t know how!

There’s a great strategy to begin teaching yourself how to ask yourself for help.

At the end of your day, take a look at all the things you’ve done, and find two things you could have asked someone else to just as easily complete.

Then, when those tasks appear on your list next, delegate those to someone else.

This helps to lower stress levels, improve productivity, and reduce your feelings of being “too busy.”

Now, you know HOW to not feel SO busy, but we never really talked about why being “too busy” is a bad thing.

The American culture has gotten into a bad habit of comparing busy schedules.

But what our culture doesn’t realize is that it actually can reap some serious consequences.


Do you ever want to scream at that friend who goes on and on about how busy he or she is?

Now do a little role reversal, how do you think it makes your friend feel when YOU say that?

We are all busy in our own way.

We all tolerate fullness of our schedules differently.

Remember how it feels when someone diminishes your busy-ness, and be mindful of that the next time you feel inclined to answer with “So busy!”


Do you know what’s worse than being “too busy?”

Looking like you don’t have your sh*t together!

We all endure busy seasons, but if you are consistently telling others you’re “too busy,” others are going to begin to wonder if you’re busy or unorganized.

Closes Doors

Besides being inconsiderate and scattered, this is a great way to close doors on a lot of relationships.

This builds a wall between you and that friend or family member.

If you continue to turn down events and get togethers because you’re “too busy,” you’re slowly going to work your way off the invite list.

Harmful to You Reputation

Constant busy-ness leads others to believe you’re under fire, and the best leaders in our society remain calm, cool, and collected under pressure.

The best way to present yourself as a true leader is by collecting your thoughts, focusing on all that’s at hand, and remaining cool under pressure.

So how does busy-ness relate to health and fitness?

Well, when you’re in the mindset of being “too busy,” new health and fitness habits are one of the first things to go.

If you are serious about your health, shifting out of the “too busy” mindset gives you a significant advantage in making your fitness and nutrition habits STICK!

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