How to Workout In 15-Minutes or Less

by | Apr 30, 2023 | Lifestyle, Training

Imagine your schedule is jam packed.  

Between family, work and social events, your calendar is FULL.  

But then you look in the mirror or put on a pair of jeans and realize your waistline is also FULL… 

Let’s be honest, that’s not your imagination, that’s your reality.  

You’ve tried diet after diet.  

You’ve put life on hold to join another 6-week challenge.  

And as badly as you want to change, there’s just no way you can fit that style of diet or exercise program into your life.  

You need something done in 15-minutes or less.  

Something that can be done anytime, anywhere.  

You need SIMPLE.  

At Complete Performance, we work with busy males and females just like you, so we’ve used our experience to build programs to help our clients be successful in a variety of schedules.  

Here’s our top recommendations for someone who can only commit 15 or so minutes each day.  

Break Up Your Workout 

These days, many have pieces of gym equipment lying around the house.  

It might be a treadmill disguised as a clothes rack.  

It might be resistance bands lying around following a bout of physical therapy.  

It might be a set of dumbbells waiting for you to stub your toe on.  

With or without this equipment, there are PLENTY of exercises to do at home, and that makes it really easy to break up your workout throughout the day.  

Take 10 to 15-minute breaks in your day to knock out a few sets of exercises.  

Three 10-minute breaks adds up to a 30-minute workout (easily a couple hundred calories burned and WAY better than sitting all day).  

Worried about sweating in your work clothes? 

You don’t need to go 100%! 

The most important thing is to move your body! 

Want to grab a copy of a Complete Performance workout to test it out? 

CLICK HERE and message “Workout” for a copy.  

Go for a Walk 

Hands down the most underrated form of exercise in the fitness space.  

Maybe you sold all of your workout gear after the pandemic or you’re back in a tiny office with no room to move – what do you do? 

Why not just go for a walk? 

Oh, you’re “too busy?” 

Here are a few ideas to squeeze in a walk: 

  • Walk & Talk Meetings 
  • Walking Lunch (Yes, that means actually taking a lunch break)
  • Park Further Away 
  • Take the Long Way Around 
  • Use the Stairs 

You’d be amazed at what a short 15 to 20-minute walk can do for things like: 

  • Mental Health 
  • Focus 
  • Mood 
  • Energy Levels 
  • Cravings 
  • Fat Loss 

Use the 3×3 Plan

Remember when I said there are plenty of exercises to do WITHOUT equipment at home or work? 

As true as that is, DOING is rarely the biggest obstacle… 

Knowing what to do can be harder than the Rubik’s cube.  

That’s why we created the 3×3 Plan for our #CPTeam.  

It takes away most of the thinking so you can get right to doing it.  

The 3×3 Plan is really simple –  

Pick 3 Exercises (Our #CPTeam has a list to choose from)

Choose 3 5-10-Minute Intervals Each Day (Most Like Morning, Lunch & After Work)

Do 1 Set at Each Interval (Reps anywhere 10 to 20 of each exercise)

This plan has helped countless people squeeze in movement on their busiest days and prevent them from falling back into their sedentary lifestyle.  

Do you need help moving more? 

Then join The Movement!

Complete Performance recently opened up The Movement to help individuals like yourself get up and move more by sending daily mini-workouts! 

If you’re somebody looking to – 

✔️ Move More as a Busy Parent 

✔️ Break Up Your Sedentary Work Day 

✔️ Or Burn a Few Extra Calories 

CLICK HERE to sign up! 

(P.S. It’s 100% FREE)

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