How to Guarantee 64 Oz of Water

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We’re all looking for that KEY to losing weight and keeping it off for good.  

So much so that we’re willing to risk long-term health if it is gives us even the SLIGHTEST chance to lose the weight and keep it off for good.    

What if I told you that WATER was the missing link to your fat loss results? 

Before you get all excited that you can drink a bunch of water and lose a bunch of weight, you need to know that this fitness coach is NOT giving you a pass on a lousy diet 😉

I am however suggesting that water can be the difference between stubborn belly fat and sustainable fat loss results.   

How Water Helps Fat Loss 

If you’re serious about burning stubborn belly fat and KEEPING it off, it’s time you understand a few ways how water can help that process! 

Appetite Suppressant 

Fill your tummy with water and you can’t fill your tummy with junk food! 

That’s not to suggest that you grab your gallon jug and start chugging water, but you should recognize that an easy way to keep your hand out of the cookie jar is to simply drink more water! 

Imagine you pour water into a bucket of rocks and pebbles.  The water doesn’t REPLACE the rocks and pebbles, but instead fills the holes.   

In your stomach, the rocks and pebbles are your food, but there’s one key difference between food and rocks.  Rocks CAN’T absorb water, and your food can.

That means drinking water while eating expands the food (as well as assists in the breakdown process) to help fill more space in your stomach.  

(Be sure to not overdo it on the water during meals so that you don’t short yourself of all the amazing macro- and micronutrients on your plate! I recommend drinking only when necessary DURING meals, then capping the meal off with a good glass of water!)

Waste Removal 

Between urine and feces, it’s crazy to think about how much water your body expels in a day.  However, that’s why water is so critical in waste removal! 

The better hydrated you stay, the better your body can prevent bloating, inflammation and constipation (none of which is good for fat loss 😂).  It also helps to remove the bits and pieces you came into your fat loss journey to help you excrete that as waste! 

That also means when you indulge in a Cheat Meal (Cheat Meals 101 (How to Plan Your Best Cheat Meal)), hydrating yourself is VERY important before and after as it helps your body remove the junk as soon as possible! 

Metabolism Booster 

We ALL need a metabolism boost (and we for sure need to know what NOT to do to Kill Your Metabolism).  

Did you know that drinking more water can act as a metabolism booster? 

Throughout research, water has been found to stimulate a process known as thermogenesis (the process of heat production in living organisms).  As the water is heated and brought up to match internal body temperature, the body expends energy (AKA burns calories).  

The faster the body heats up the water, the faster your metabolism runs.

The faster your metabolism runs, the more calories you burn.  

Sounds like a Win-Win to me!   

Now, it is important to note that drinking more water won’t likely speed up the metabolism THAT much, so don’t expect a major shift in your calorie deficit.  

Fat Burner 

You’re here because you want to BURN that fat right off your body.  

Well, what if I told you that water helps ignite the fire? 

Kind of a head scratcher 🤔

But it’s true!

Water is required for the process of lipolysis, which is the process by which the body burns fat to use for energy.  

Without water, that process is slowed down and you’re left with that extra fat you absolutely dread! 

Oh, and drinking more water means you have to go to the bathroom more, which means more steps and squats (AKA calories burned 😉).  

How to Guarantee 64 Oz. of Water

Drinking more water is easier said than done.  

Especially if you’re someone who likes pop, coffee or other sugary drinks.  

I’ve already shared with you WHY drinking water is so important for fat loss (and hey, just know that it’s just as important when you’re NOT trying to cut body fat too!), so now it’s time to outline HOW to drink more water.  

Here’s how you can guarantee 64 Oz. of Water: 

8 Oz. When You Wake Up 

Keep a bottle of water next to your bed.  

Put a cup in the bathroom.  

Wherever you’re going to see and remember to drink those 8 Oz. of water is where you need to place that cup! 

Not only is this good for fat loss, but it’s great for energy levels, heart health and digestive health! 

8 Oz. Before Main Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Not only is this a GREAT way to get in more water, it lays down a solid foundation for digestion.  

Think of it as providing materials your stomach and intestines need for a smooth digestive process.  

Plus, it can settle some of those hunger (or should I say hangry??) signals you were feeling prior to your meal !

8 Oz. After Main Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Talk about a great close to your meals! 

Slowly sip that glass of water down and allow the water to fill the holes in your stomach and help the food breakdown and expand for digestion.  

Wait 15 to 20 minutes and you won’t feel any need for seconds 😉

8 Oz. Before Bed 

“But I’ll wake up to go to the bathroom!” 

I’m not asking you to drink a gallon here! 

Taper your water intake through the afternoon and take one last glass before bedtime and your body SHOULD be able to tolerate it.  

If you’re not confident, drink this last glass 60 or so minutes before bed.  

If you need help building a stronger, more resilient bladder and pelvic floor, visit my friends at Awake Pelvic Health (LINK HERE) for an in-person or virtual visit. 

That way you have no excuse but to drink this glass of water before bed! 

How Much Water Do You ACTUALLY Need

For what once was a pretty concrete answer, this now seems to be a heavily debated topic in the health and fitness industry.  

When I started, anyone aiming to lose body fat KNEW to drink 1 gallon of water per day (if they did it was another story).  

Today, you’ll find coaches in heated debates around numbers like 80 Oz.100 Oz.120 Oz (funny, just 8 Oz. shy of a gallon – BIG difference).  

So what is it? 

According to the Mayo Clinic, men should strive to drink 124 Oz. (15.5 Cups) per day and women 92 Oz. (11.5 Cups).  

Most professionals accept that if you’re hitting that target – active or not – you’re doing pretty well in the health department.  

However, many suggest that for every bout of exercise (45-60 minutes), you should add an additional 8 to 10 ounces of water to replace what is lost to sweat.  

Our #CPTeam is coached to target 100 ounces of water per day regardless of activity level.  Those that do find much better results in terms of: 

  • Fat Loss 
  • Muscle Tone 
  • Energy & Fatigue Levels 
  • Digestion 
  • Health of Skin, Hair & Nails 
  • Focus & Clarity 

Not there yet? 

No biggie!

Start with the Guide to 64 Oz. of Water and slowly work your way up to 100 ounces per day by adding 8 to 10 ounces per week.  


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