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I have been plagued by the fear of failure my entire life.

As an athlete, I was told to get rid of that fear, that it’s irrational, and that it’s holding me back.

It definitely held me back as an athlete, and it definitely held me back in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

But I couldn’t just GET RID of it. I TRIED to toss that out the window and get rid of it, but it stuck to me like glue.

So was I really irrational? Was I crazy for having this fear of failure?

You tell me…

In preparation for another new year, I sat down to write out my resolutions. I was going BIG because I was tired of where I was at.

But then I started to get a little worried about my resolutions, and I KNEW that fear of failure was creeping back in.

So I started to research how I could guarantee success because I Figured that if I could guarantee success, there was no reason to fear failure.

That’s when I came across one of the most terrifying statistics – 90 to 95% of Americans looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle fail.


There’s no way I was going to be a part of the 5%!

But do you know what I hate more than failing?

Being told I CANNOT do something.

Try me.

I wanted to replicate what those successful 5% were doing.

Now, less than 2 weeks away from yet another New Year I want to set you up to

replicate these success stories.

Here’s what everyone in that successful 5% does:


We all have ambitions, hopes, and dreams for ourselves.

There’s always something we’re working toward and for.

But we don’t always organize those thoughts of things we want into dreams.

If you’re in the successful 5%, you know what you want.

What really guarantees their success is making what they want (their goal) realistic and manageable.

Let’s flashback to a time where I was NOT a part of the successful 5%…

A few years ago, I vowed against being a classic Resolutioner and I wanted to START the year at a specific weight.

I knew I was going on vacation just after the New Year to Florida with Brian, and who doesn’t want to look good in a swimsuit for their significant other?

I set a goal to be under 160# before New Year’s hit. The only problem is that goal was about 17# away, and I had 2 months and 3 holidays to survive.

But I wanted to be skinny and lean for vacation.

Think I made it?

Of course I made it. Not in an arrogant way, but I’m too bullheaded to NOT get there to the point that I didn’t eat for 36 hours, spent 4 to 5 hours working out, and only drank water when absolutely necessary.

But do you think I maintained that?

Well, I actually maintained it through vacation because I was either too picky to eat anything or too scared to eat and gain weight.

Then, I came back and pretty much gained 15# as soon as I got back.

The goal to be under 160# is tangible (I did it, so it was kind of realistic too).

That goal wasn’t actually sustainable, so it DEFINITELY was not manageable.

Now, I get that we live in the world of instant gratification, but dieting that hard and leaning out that quickly is NOT healthy.

This took so much sacrifice, restriction, and work it’s no wonder I put the weight right back on.

For YEARS I struggled with my inner self telling me to chase the bodies of these fitness models and fitness gurus. I put myself through so much sacrifice, restriction, and work without ever realizing that I was stuck in the cycle of setting goals that weren’t actually manageable or sustainable.

^That time frame was probably my most body insecure and mentally distraught periods of my life.

There are 3 things I did wrong over and over again:

I only planned to get there. I never planned how to maintain that weight or exit the diet, so it’s no wonder I gained a bunch back afterwards.

I did it for superficial reasons – to impress my boyfriend, to be the fitness professional I thought I needed to be, and to prove I was no longer the stocky kid from my childhood.

I tried to rush it. Yes, I was going on vacation and that was my motivator, but 15# in 10 weeks with 3 holidays – that is DEFINITELY pushing things to the max.

Plan for MORE Time Than You Think

Well, that was a perfect transition into the next thing these 5%ers do!

These people always OVERESTIMATE the time necessary to accomplish goals.

Like I said, 15# in 10 weeks – that’s over 1# per week.

I didn’t plan on LIFE happening – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years for family and friends.

No planning for when I lacked motivation, needed rest, or for my body to just not



Fast forward to where I’m at now in my life. I’m GOING to get under 160#. Well, I kind of

have to in order to compete at the next lower weight class.

But I’m giving myself WAY more time to get there.

As of November 1st, I had 11# to go by March.

I more than DOUBLED the time to get there so I could LIVE A LITTLE this time around and not take any major blows to my training.

Thanksgiving was GREAT, and I’m set up with an awesome plan to CRUSH Christmas Eve and Day this year.

Still, the pace I’m on, I’ll be at 162# by the time January 1 rolls around, and I have PLENTY of time to shed the last 4# and get stronger while doing it.

Be HONEST & ACCURATE With Your Nutrition

You know the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.”?

Well, if you want to be fit, healthy, and successful, that statement does not apply.

In fact if we’re being honest, mindful and intuitive eating don’t necessarily apply if you’re starting out on the quest to be a part of the successful 5%.

Those people you see who CAN do that have already done their fair share of time tracking, so they have a pretty good idea of what and how much they’re eating at each meal.

Let’s not forget those who are genetically blessed (TRUST ME I can’t since I wake up next to one every morning – *MAJOR EYE ROLL*).

You might not be ready to admit it yet, but tracking calories will get you results.

But it’s not JUST tracking because let’s be honest, if I told everyone to track and they got results, business and results would be FLOWING.

You need to track honestly and accurately.

Take 2 weeks to actually track every single thing you eat. Literally everything. That extra sprinkle of cheese, croutons on your salad, and the extra sour cream at Chipotle.

I guarantee you will learn a lot.

You’ll learn whether or not you’re in a caloric deficit, where your macros are at, when you eat, what types of food you consume, and overall knowledge of how to read and apply the information on food labels.

If you take 2 weeks to honestly and accurately track but don’t learn a single thing I’ll give you ONE MONTH FREE of coaching.

Not a joke.

If you’ve done it or are ready to wager what you’ll learn, CLICK HERE and let’s do it.

Train Your Tail Off

Diet is a BIG part, but it’s not all.

The big thing to say is that abs are built in the kitchen.

Or maybe that it’s 100% nutrition.

That’s crap.

You absolutely need nutrition to get abs, to lose weight, and to get lean, but that’s not the ONLY thing.

If you’re wanting any of those things it’s 100% in the gym and 100% in nutrition.

Training hard challenges your body, which you need in order to spark adaptation and change. That’s what burns calories, builds muscles, and causes metabolic increases.

Yes, you can eat whole, minimally processed foods and your body will burn some calories during digestion, but that doesn’t just eliminate fat and put muscle on.

You shred fat, build muscle, and get lean in the gym.

Train hard with the intention to build muscle.

You need it no matter what your goal is!

And honestly, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest and during activity.

Training and nutrition work hand in hand.

Eat right, and your training takes off.

Train hard, and you’ll be rewarded with results based on eating good foods.

The reason so many people swear that dieting and fat loss is 100% nutrition is because it’s the most confusing and hardest to stay motivated to do.

Most of us are okay challenging our bodies in some type of activity, but choosing a salad over pizza, that’s TOUGH.

The coolest part is that once you start training hard with the intention to lose some body fat and get lean, you’re more likely to feel motivated and want to sharpen up the nutritional skills.

Details MATTER

Too often we get wrapped up moving from one thing to the next.

Finish one exercise and you’re already set up for the next one.

Start to chew one bite and you’re already scooping up the next.

The big problem with this (and I’m guilty too) is that you’re so focused on the next thing

that you skip over the details of the current thing.

You’re missing out because the details MATTER!

Rest periods matter. I guarantee that if you give them a bit more attention that you’ll see some quick gains in your current workout plan.

Chewing matters!

Take your time and digest so you get as many nutrients as possible from your food!

You’re going to feel better AND get results!

I wouldn’t say I’m the most successful or lean, but I lived for years skipping over all the details. I was so focused on progressing to the next thing that as soon as I said SCREW THAT I started getting better results AND felt better doing it.

Not hard, right?

In order to NOT be a part of the 95% who fails their New Year’s resolutions I’m not telling you to do crazy and absurd things.

  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Plan More Time
  • Be Honest and Accurate When Tracking
  • Train Your Tail Off
  • Pay Attention to the Details

If you have more questions, need more guidance, or you’re just ready to take the next step toward being a part of the successful 5% this year, CLICK HERE NOW and apply for the upcoming New Year’s Special Programs.

About The Author

Jordan Davies is the Co-Owner of Complete Performance. Jordan has her B.S. in Exercise Science and Psychology, and her M.A. in Holistic Health Studies. She is a CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach, and a PN-1 and NCI-1 certified nutrition coach. She loves to study how the human body needs to be moved and nourished and making that fit to your unique lifestyle. Click Here Now to Apply for Coaching with Jordan.

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