Did you know that on average women attempt to lose weight 10 times in their lifetime?

That statistic right there proves that we fail fat loss A LOT.

But, did you also know that nearly 2/3 of people who successfully lose the weight not only regain the weight lost but add to that?

So, what do we know from this?


While most of us are ramping up the intensity on our fat loss goals this month, those statistics aren’t very encouraging…

Which is exactly why I want to provide you with the 5 Must Have’s for Starting Fat Loss, so you don’t end up adding to those statistics.

Lay Out a Plan

The holiday season just wrapped up, and whether it was in-person or virtual, you more than likely watched a small child open a gift.

Shred the wrapping and tissue paper.

Rip open the plastic and boxes.

Throw it all aside to get to the toy and the playing begins.

Until a piece is missing, or he/she doesn’t know how to assemble or play with the gift.

Then what?

The kid tosses aside the toy while mom or dad reads the instructions or finds the missing piece.

With children, this doesn’t just happen with presents…

You see, children haven’t developed the skill of road mapping, so it’s difficult for them to plan out how to reach an end goal.

Adults have that skill, but we forget to use it…

When it comes to fat loss, it’s like we revert back to our childhood brains.  In large part, that’s the result of being SLAMMED everywhere we look with plans, programs, and products about how to lose body fat.

You may THINK you know what you need to do – heck, there’s a good chance you’ve even done it before, but do not let that lead you to believe that you do not need a plan.

The first step in laying out your plan is to identify where it is you want to go, then continue to work backwards until you meet yourself at your current place.

Use these questions to help you lay out your plan:

  • What’s Your End Goal?
  • What’s a Realistic Time Frame to Get There?
  • In HALF of That Time, Where Should You Be?
  • In a QUARTER of That Time, Where Should You Be?
  • Where Do You Want to Be 1 Week From Now?

Look, I know you want to get rid of the fat and you just want to get to the part where you see results, so planning is the LAST thing you want to do but here are the top 3 reasons for planning:

  1. It eliminates decision fatigue and keeps your focus on where you’re going.
  2. It allows you to prepare and plan for events, vacations, and holidays.
  3. It helps to create the most effective and sustainable plan possible.

Add Mentality

Too many fat loss programs take things away from you!

A unique aspect of our Complete Performance programs is that we prioritize the Add Mentality.

This means that instead of taking away sweets, chips, and wine, we’re going to ADD things into your diet that you’re currently lacking.  If we have enough information about what you’re currently doing, we’re likely going to target things that are going to combat your cravings or desires for those items.

The goal is to continue adding enough things into your diet that together we reach a point wherein you are

  1. Losing body fat.
  2. Living an overall healthier lifestyle.
  3. AND not restricting yourself of the foods, drinks, and activities you love.

Now, I pride myself in being honest with you, so I have to make you aware of one big hang up for clients…

You’re not going to see these MASSIVE weight losses in weeks 1 and 2.

Don’t think that means you’re not going to lose any weight.  For most, making 1 or 2 simple swaps and making overall healthier choices to your diet is enough to yield results.

If you can see beyond the fact that you won’t see 7+ pound losses in the first weeks, you’ll find yourself MILES AHEAD having achieved steady and sustainable fat loss.

Identify Your Non-Negotiables

Non-negotiables are the perfect piggyback to the Add Mentality.

Its also one of the most underrated necessities to any fat loss program.

Non-Negotiables are the things you CANNOT live without.

Now, it doesn’t mean these are totally off limits or that whenever the opportunity arises it turns into a free-for-all, but because you love these things SO MIUCH, we actually work your fat loss program around them to some degree.

So, how do we determine your Non-Negotiables?

Start by making a list of 10 things you LOVE or you can’t see yourself giving up.  These can be foods, drinks, or activities.

After you make your first list of 10 items, set it aside.  Take some time to reflect on the list and see if there’s anything you’re missing.

Then, once you’re confident in your list of 10 items, cut it down to 3.

JUST 3??

Yes, just 3.

Now, if you’re REALLY struggling then I recommend an A and B list of 3 items.  Fill the A list with items you face on a daily basis to a few times per week.  Fill the B list with things you want to keep in your life, but you only come across them periodically (Birthday cake, girls night out once a month, etc.).

Once you’ve settled on your list, consider how often you indulge in your Non-Negotiable and ask yourself what a reasonable amount for consumption is that promotes fat loss.

It’s possible you start by indulging in your non-negotiable DAILY, and you may find that as you progress in your journey you find it’s much less necessary.

Don’t be afraid to periodically revisit your non-negotiable list to be sure you’re not feeling restricted or held back by your nutrition plan.

Plan Indulgences

Non-negotiables are items you choose to include on a regular basis – that’s the whole reason why we build your plan around them!

But sometimes we just need to indulge in something that doesn’t quite fall in as a non-negotiable.

Maybe it’s date nights out to eat.

It could be family dinner and move night.

You may just need a night with your spouse or friends to enjoy a few cocktails.

Indulging yourself is perfectly normal!

Including periodic indulgences doesn’t completely your fat loss results.  In fact, it may IMPROVE your fat loss results because it:

  1. Boosts Adherence
  2. Restocks Muscle Glycogen Stores
  3. Teaches You How to Manage These Things Long-Term

People go wrong in 1 of 2 ways with indulgences:

  1. They restrict themselves completely to the point they can no longer resist throwing oneself into a complete binge (Big reason why the Add Mentality is a far superior method).
  2. They don’t plan for indulgences.

Look, life doesn’t stop just because you’re trying to shed some body fat.  Your family members, friends, and coworkers care about and want the best for you, but their behaviors won’t change because your behaviors do.

It might add a few minutes extra work to your already chaotic day, but isn’t it worth it so you FINALLY stop losing the same 5 to 10 pounds over and over again?

Take a look at your calendar and point out any upcoming events you might have.  Think holidays, birthdays, work parties or lunch-ins, or social gatherings.

If you point these things out ahead of time, we can work WITH and AROUND them.  Together we can adjust your weekly nutrition plan and load you up with strategies to successfully navigate these.

Here’s the last thing you need to know.

As a coach I encourage clients to indulge every now and then, but if you’re going to be successful in losing and maintaining body fat loss, you will need to say “NO.”

Saying “Yes” to too many indulgences is what brought you to this point, so as much as you love girls night, ending your day with a glass of wine, or going all in on every celebration, your success is highly dependent on your willingness to make some changes.

Indulge yourself to the point of not feeling restricted.

Allow yourself to enjoy the parts of life you love.

But know that changing your behavior is necessary for changing your current status.

Rely on Experience

You probably think this is going to be some massive plug for coaching, but it’s not.

It IS a reminder on the value of experience.

The more knowledge and experience you have throughout your fat loss journey the better, and I mean that in 2 ways.

Your History

More than likely, you’ve tried dieting before, so consider what you can learn from previous experiences.

Where have you fallen off before?

In what style or format have you succeeded in the past?

Fat loss aside, the better you know yourself, the better your fat loss results.

What’s your relationship with food? When was it at its best? Its worst?

How do you best motivate yourself?

What is your style or tendency in pushing or challenging yourself? Too much or too little?

What happens when you feel stressed? How often do you feel stressed?

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves, but the more you’re able to rely off your personal experience in fat loss and life in general, the more successful you will be.

That of Others  

Humans thrive with accountability because when it’s set up well, it triggers neurological responses that encourage you to repeat behaviors.

The human need for accountability is one of the biggest reasons for why our world is structured the way it is – parents, bosses, or leaders holding us to our actions.

Yes, I am a coach so of course I’m going to promote the hiring of a coach, but it’s really in your best interest to rely on the experience of another person during your fat loss journey.

Maybe it’s a coach.

Maybe it’s a mentor.

Maybe it’s a family member of friend who has been down this road before.

Whoever it is, choose somebody who doesn’t just have experience and knows what it takes to lose body fat, choose someone who suits YOU!

About The Author

Jordan Davies is the Co-Owner of Complete Performance. Jordan has her B.S. in Exercise Science and Psychology, and her M.A. in Holistic Health Studies. She is a CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach, and a PN-1 and NCI-1 certified nutrition coach. She loves to study how the human body needs to be moved and nourished and making that fit to your unique lifestyle. Click Here Now to Apply for Coaching with Jordan.