10 Things a Coach Won’t Tell You About Fat Loss

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Training

As a kid, I spent my life around coaches. I was so eager to learn as an athlete that I breathed in every word they spoke.

Today, coaches are EVERYWHERE. Just as I was as a kid, people are breathing in every word they spoke with the hope of change.

I am a coach. I’m a coach who hopes to motivate my clients enough so they feel inspired to breathe in my words so together we can work for change.

Well because coaches are everywhere and we are so hungry for change and results, there are coaches out there taking advantage of their ability to motivate. There are coaches willing to tell you WHATEVER you want to hear and who will do ANYTHING to get you to pay for their services.

I pride myself in NOT being one of those coaches. It would be great to say you’ll lose 5 pounds every week or that you’ll fit into that dress once again just in time for the family wedding.

Sure, if it’s possible, I’ll let you know, but I won’t sugar coat the fat loss journey. I want to be as up front and honest, so that we can prepare and work through all the highs and lows. So here are 10 facts to give you a better idea of what fat loss is REALLY like.

Slow & Steady Really Does Win

Who doesn’t want to see the scale drop as fast as possible? We all do! It makes us feel great, and validates the work we’re putting in!

The reality is that the scale won’t continue to drop that rapidly, the initial drop is most often water weight and flushing of toxins to release inflammation.

Another truth about rapid fat loss is that you will begin to feel like sh** VERY quickly.

Sure you may LOOK great for that family vacation, but what’s the point of busting your butt for the month leading up to only to FEEL terrible and erase all of your progress?

There is NO point! You’ll be doing it all over again come the next family vacation or wedding you’re attending.

I’ve bought into the gimmicks and quick fixes, and let me tell you, it won’t serve you.

The Scale SUCKS

If you’ve tried dieting before, is there really any more that needs to be said?

One day we’re down, and the next, we’re nutritionally perfect yet that scale number goes up.

If the scale is the ONLY way you are evaluating progress, something is not right.

Stress, too little sleep, too much sodium, gut issues, or the ever-dreadful “time of the month” are all reasons weight could go up regardless how great your nutrition is.

It’s important to remember that just because that number on the scale goes up, does not mean you are without progress or that the process is not working for you.

How You FEEL Matters

Think of the scale as the cover of a book – it gives you an idea of what the story is about but doesn’t give you all the juicy details.

Using biofeedback to evaluate how you feel, now THAT is going to give you the juicy details.

If you’re down two pounds in two weeks, but your workouts are going great, you’re experiencing no abnormal hunger or cravings, and you’re sleeping great – that is WAY better than two pounds in two days and feeling like absolute garbage.

Biofeedback is key for indicating how your body is responding neurologically and hormonally during this loss phase.

Patience Is More Than a Virtue

We are ALL hungry for results, so when we want results, we wanted them yesterday.

It’s a simple fact – the patient, longer route is WAY smarter. This is the sustainable way, the way to prevent rapid regain, and the ONLY way to making this a lifestyle.

You Will not ALWAYS Lose

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday we stepped on the scale we saw that number drop? Or in every workout we performed a bit better?

Weight WILL fluctuate.

You WILL see progress.

You will NOT always look at a progress picture and see a difference.

You will NOT always have progress.

The ups and downs of fat loss are enough to send your biofeedback stress rating through the roof.

You will not always see a loss because fat loss is not linear. It makes the progress more difficult, but it’s the truth and telling you this, will make it that much easier to face.

Knowledge Is Power

As a coach, it’s a great feeling to have the answers to spark someone’s change. It’s an even better feeling sharing and teaching a client what you know.

Too often coaches avoid sharing their knowledge in fear of providing clients with enough knowledge to give them the freedom to do it on their own.

My goal is to explain the what, when, how, and why to clients to equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to sustain results.

As a client, when you understand the what, when, how, and why of the process, you’re educating yourself to sustain results 2, 5, or 10 years down the road.

Flexibility Is Sustainability

What happens when you tell yourself you CAN’T have something? All you can think about is how badly you want it!

I would rather you share in the foods and drinks you enjoy and have slower progress than completely restrict yourself.

If you tell yourself you HAVE TO follow a rigid plan, you will go insane.

Results won’t last when you don’t allow yourself the flexibility to periodically enjoy what you love.

The process will SUCK, and you will create a negative relationship with diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid the hard lines in your diet, be flexible, and enjoy the process!

How You Get out Is Just as Important as Getting In

Now, with most clients, I promote the healthy lifestyle approach, wherein the exit strategy is simple – keep doing what you’re doing.

But the reality is that there will be times we really need to bear down in order to reach our goal, so there needs to be plan for after the plan.

The gimmicky fad diets get you super lean FAST, but where they fail is when they leave you high and dry as you go back to your old lifestyle expecting to get the same results.

The ideal way is to design the exit strategy when you design the actual plan. Be flexible within and gradually transition into some of your old enjoyments.

Kids Meals Won’t Get You Results

The smaller and basic kids meals are not going to do anything for your fat loss goals.

Fresh produce, lean meats, and unprocessed carbohydrates are beneficial for your health, digestion, and fat loss.

If you’re feeling forced to eat your greens and real foods like at the dinner with mom and dad at the dinner table, you’re eventually going to talk yourself out of eating healthy all together.

Yes, if you hit your macros you will experience some fat loss and changes in body composition, but those results won’t be as long lasting as a diet filled real, whole foods.

I Struggle With Fat Loss Too

Sure, I may naturally have more muscle than others, but the reality is that my muscle is not some massive shield to protect against fat. This is hard for me too, and something I have to really work at each day.

I LOVE carbs, and have always HATED cardio. But I understand what each of those can do to me.

Staying consistent is even hard for me at times. I’m fortunate enough to have YOU to keep me motivated to stay consistent.

Consistency also comes a lot easier when you have a coach on your side. I invest quite a bit in my coach to continuously offer support and guidance, and it WORKS.

If you’re going to take two things away from this blog it would be this:

  1. Stick with this for the long run – focus on consistency over perfection, as this is what will really bring about change and a healthy lifestyle.
  2. You are not alone – someone out there is walking a similar journey, whether that is a friend, a coach, or myself. Rely on us for support and guidance and continue on the path toward success.

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