[Guide] How to Take MASSIVE Action Before the End of the Year

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Training

‘Tis the season for joy, happiness, and thanksgiving.

The shopping, parties, and family gatherings sure add to the stress load, but when it comes down to it, it’s a happy and joyous time of year.

Except for one time….

When you step on the scale.


As if the holiday stuff wasn’t adding enough stress, now you’re facing the stress of watching your weight creep back up.

For so many people it gets SO frustrating and stressful that it leads to “Screw it, I’ll just start again with the New Year.”

Do you know that one hot topic you love to jump in on every time it comes up? Political, religious, professional, or whatever it is you just LOVE to interject with your opinion?

This is mine.

My ammo is built up for this moment, and before the sentence is even finished, I’m locked and loaded ready to fire off reasons NOT to wait until the New Year.

I’m going to give you the short version, but if you want the full CLICK HERE and I’ll give it to you 🙂

You’ve made it THIS far.

There are 12 months in a year, you’re 11 months in, and you’re going to give up NOW??

That’s like getting to the last mile of a marathon and saying “Eh, good enough.”

Or breaking a tackle, on your way to the endzone, and dropping the ball before crossing the goal line.

Sports aren’t your thing? That’s like getting home, parking in the garage, but not turning your car off!

They’re crazy things that as SOON as you do it, you realize how silly it looked and regret it big time!

It’s only a FEW days.

Let’s say the end of year looks like this:

  • 2 Thanksgivings
  • 1 Holiday Work Party
  • 1 Kick A** Complete Performance Workout (Hint, Hint)
  • 2 Family Holiday Parties
  • 1 New Year’s Eve Party

That’s 6 days (excluding the GREAT workout at Complete Performance on December 14th)


That’s not even an entire week.

You’re going to let 6 days sabotage your entire year??

That’s not even a week!

Yes, I understand your holiday season may be a little different, but the point is that it’s not EVERY DAY.

There are more days and meals for you to stay on track than there are for you to get off track.

A few days or meals off-plan SHOULD be a part of your plan. It’s part of making this a lifestyle. If that’s not part of your lifestyle, you need to talk with your coach or get a coach to help make this lifestyle realistic.

You have an OPPORTUNITY.

Now, because it’s only 6 days or meals between now and the New Year, that means there are SO MANY days of opportunity in front of you.

29 days to be exact.

If you’re eating a minimum of 3 meals per day, that’s 87 meals.

Now subtract those 6 meals from your holiday festivities from that and you have 81 meals to make some serious progress.

It’s ALL about your mindset.

Do your absolute best for those 81 meals, and for the remaining 6 you’ll have more flexibility!

You CAN make some SERIOUS progress by the end of the year.

You have the opportunity to take some major steps in the direction of your goals.

Do you know what happens if you don’t seize this opportunity?

I’d love to say you’d just stay where you’re at, but the reality is that you’ll probably end up moving backwards.

You see, you stop focusing on your nutrition and hold off on the workouts and that alone won’t do you any favors, but have do you remember how hard it was to start in the first place?

Now double that. Every time you stop and start over it gets harder and harder to get going again.

Scale the workouts back and be a bit more flexible in your diet, but every opportunity you are given to take a step toward your goals, TAKE IT.

That’s the short version of the rant, but you know what it all comes down to?

Taking action.

I want to challenge you take action on your goals and dreams because I want you to be successful.

So let’s talk about taking action.

First, let’s talk about the reasons why you might PASS on taking action.

“It’s not the right time.”

So when is?

Honestly, when is there ACTUALLY a right time to start working out or choosing a salad at lunch?

There is NEVER a right time, and there will ALWAYS be voices in your head telling you that.

But do you know what?


You set yourself up to be ready and make this time the right time.

No matter who you are, there will always be periods of life where opportunity won’t stop knocking, but there will also be times where not even the wind makes a sound blowing against the door.

Focus on what you can do to MAKE it the right time and the things that you can do today. From that you will create opportunities leaving you with no question that it’s the right time.

“I don’t know where to start.”

Do you know where the perfect place to start is?

The start.

“Well, where or what is that?”

This isn’t like CandyLand where it tells you to start next to the Gingerbread Plum Trees and end at the Candy Castle.

The start is wherever you begin or whatever your first action is.

Even by blindly starting, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to learn, where you need to improve, and what your next step is.

“I’m waiting for help.”

Then find it! Ask for it! GO GET IT!

Because unless you called or reached out for help, it isn’t just going to SHOW UP in front of you.

Not too many people are going to walk up to you and say “Here’s all the information you’ll ever need about fat loss.”

Are you sitting around waiting for someone to tell you what to put in the cart at the grocery store?

Are you waiting for someone to tell you whether or not you should just run on the treadmill or hit the weights?

Hate to break it to you, but that information just doesn’t show up on your phone.

I can give you all the blogs, content, and free advice as I can, but if you REALLY want help to get started because you’re serious about getting in shape, then ASK for help!

And guess what? Asking is free. A conversation is free. Learning can be free. So don’t try to throw money as the reason for not asking (more on that below).

“Whatever I do it won’t matter, nothing will make a difference.”

Maybe I’m just some super realist, but every single thing you do makes a difference to someone. That someone could be you or someone else, but every action (or lack thereof) makes a difference.

You may not think the little things matter, but whether for you or another, they make a HUGE difference.

The great part about even doing something small is that it creates a ripple effect – once you do something, then it leads to something else, which leads to another, and so on.

What you do right now or what you do today DOES matter!

“I’m too stressed/overwhelmed right now.”

Is there ever a time you’re NOT stressed or overwhelmed?

Answer honestly.

Probably not.

You can just think of seven other things you could be doing and when you look down the path in front of you, you view the path as too impossible to even take the first step.

Do one thing.

Take one small step forward.

Just get started!

It gets easier once you’ve begun because you will ALWAYS find a reason to argue you’re too stressed or overwhelmed to start.

Need more convincing?

Prioritizing your health and working out actually makes your body more resilient during times of major stress and better equipped to handle it!

“I’m not making any progress.”

Progress is not linear.

It’s up, then it’s down, it’s left and right, it’s stalled, or pretty much every direction you could possibly imagine.

But our brains believe it should be linear. We are wired to believe that if we do one thing that as a result the desired result will be yielded.


If that were true, I would be out of a job and we would all be fit and healthy human beings.

A breakthrough can happen at any point, but so can a setback or stall. Long-term progress and success only comes from consistent action.

“This isn’t the right path, I’ll just find something else.”

How do you know?

How long have you been at this?

What made you decide that?

Too many people get locked in on the idea that as soon as things get hard that it’s not the right path and he or she NEED to quit.

Let me be honest in saying that there is no RIGHT time or white flag that waves to signal that you should quit and jump ship; however, if we’re paying attention, honestly evaluating ourselves, and objectively looking at our progress then we can make a pretty good guess.

But ask yourself if by quitting or choosing another path if you’ll regret this down the road?

If you’re frustrated by a plateau or a little setback, then maybe you just need to buckle down, be your toughest critic, and get to work on pushing through the hard stuff.

“It’s just not for me.”

Maybe it’s not, but what is for you?

Too many people let what’s not for them stop them.

Do you know what’s really not for you?





And that’s exactly what you’ll get if you continue to just label everything as “Not for Me.”

Most people try two or three workout styles before finding the right one, and that’s okay!

Test out different gyms WITH AN OPEN MIND, and really build a list of what you like so when you find it, you can JUMP on it and take action!

“I’m too good for that.”

This is a fun response.

Because it ALWAYS means there’s something under the surface preventing him or her from taking action.

It’s a cover up for one of these other reasons for inaction.

No form of action is below ANYONE.

No workout, meal, fat loss strategy, or coaching investment is below anyone.

So what’s the REAL reason?

“I need more information.”

This might be one of my most frequently used reasons for inaction.

I like to really understand what I’m doing and why it’s worth my investment.

So far myself and others, it’s a hard reason to shut down.

Education and understanding drive compliance, which as I’ve said before is the secret to results, but there comes a point where it’s just an excuse to continue to hold off on action.

Start with the information you have and continue to research as you go based on what you NEED to know.

More information doesn’t get you results, only action can do that.

“It won’t work.”

How do you know? Can you see the future? Did your future-self visit you in a dream to

tell you that it won’t work?

Nobody really knows if it will or will not work, and the reality is that most things DON’T work on first try.

Does that mean you just shouldn’t try anything because of the CHANCE it might not



Take your focus away from the possibility that something WON’T work to the possibility it WILL work and the results that could come from it!

If it doesn’t work, you can at least chalk it up as an experience and learn from it for the next venture!

“I don’t have the right resources (time, money, equipment, space).”

Oh really?

This one I definitely could break into and write a separate blog on, so I’ll spare you for now…

You have the resources. You may not have ALL the resources you want, but you have resources.

You can go for a walk outside or around your office space.

You can move your body in your living space.

You can choose water over pop or a sugary latte.

You just don’t WANT to do or choose these things.

Here’s the secret, taking action can actually lead you to more resources! It opens you up

to more possibilities and help!

So just get started! Use the resources you have, and grab hold of additional resources as they pop up.

“I’m not good enough.”

Again, how do you know? More visits from your future-self?

Just like it might be the wrong path, you might not be good enough – YET.

If you always view yourself as lesser or lacking ability, you will be just that because you’re less likely to take action and learn to become good enough!

There’s NO WAY I’m good enough to be a business owner, but if I let that stop me, I wouldn’t be living my dream right now! Every day I learn something new, expand my skillset, and become a better business owner.

My focus is to get 1% better each and every day, and if I do that, at minimum, I’ll be 365% better one year from today.

“I just can’t do it.”

Or better known today as “I just can’t even.”

Why not?

Why can’t you do ONE THING for you?

What CAN you do?

We are so programmed to find reasons why we can’t that it’s nearly instinctive.

There may actually be things you CANNOT do, but add “yet” at the end of it or shift your focus to what you CAN do at this moment.

Okay, so we know all the reasons why we might NOT take action, but did you know those are all just stories we tell ourselves? It’s just the story we tell ourselves to feel better about NOT taking action.

Those stories are RARELY true.

So what is true?

Here are 7 TRUTHS about action.

Action is Cheaper

“It’s just too expensive.”

“I just don’t have the money right now.”

One of the most common responses a coach of fitness and nutrition hears.

Do you know what’s actually expensive about it?

The over-planning and over-thinking.

We do that because we think it’s playing it safe or that we’re saving boat loads of money by not doing anything until we know EXACTLY what to do.

That’s just not true.

Action is MUCH cheaper than planning.

Waiting is much more expensive. Think of the clothing, medication, medical bills., and dining fees – those expenses add up!!

Taking action on your health is an investment, one that is filled only with potential for massive financial and health savings.

You will pay for your health at some point, the question is whether or not you want the

cheap or expensive route?

Inaction is Scarier

Fear is a big-time motivator for many people.

Think about how children are disciplined – “If you don’t stop _______, I will take away ______.”

Think about when a friend or family member had a life or health scare, you likely took action to prevent yourself from being in a similar situation.

Or what’s very common for health and fitness is a personal trip to the doctor. You hear that if you continue down this path worse things will happen – prescribed medications, life-threatening diseases, or even death.

These are all situations where fear is utilized as a motivator.

These scenarios send messages (direct and indirect) that if you don’t act on your current situation, there will be severe consequences.

Inaction is scarier.

But I get it, it’s comfortable.

The initial action step is TERRIFYING, but after surviving that first step, the only fearful thing is stopping.

Action = Motivation

What happens when you sit down on the couch at the end of the day?

It sucks you right in.

How hard is it to get back up to workout, do chores, or run errands?

It’s darn near impossible!

But you know the saying “A body in motion stays in motion.”?

That speaks right to the fact that action generates motivation.

Too many people look for external sources for motivation, when in fact, you have it right inside of you!

If you go to the gym right after work, do you just sit in the locker room?

NO, you work out!

If you get home, change your clothes, and go out for a walk, do you stop one block away?

NO! You finish the walk!

Taking action or taking the first step requires the most motivation, but once you’ve started, you continue to refuel your motivational stores to keep yourself moving!

Action Reveals Possibilities

If you go back one, five, ten years, would you have guessed you would be at the point you’re at in life right now?

For me, absolutely not.

But I only got to this point BECAUSE I took action!

If I would have sat around waiting for possibilities to present themselves to me, there’s no chance I’d be in the shape I’m in, in a happy and healthy relationship, or running a business.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that with each step or action I take, a new opportunity presents itself.

The same can happen for you.

Standing still it’s difficult to see opportunities and possibilities because your viewpoint never changes.

It starts with one step.

Take one step forward or some form of action and your viewpoint changes, opportunities reveal themselves, and you open yourself to further steps and action.

Whatever the size of your step or action, do it! Because with that you are opening yourself up to possibilities that were not simply there before.

The Odds Are Ever In Our Favor

We like certainty.

We like knowing there’s a greater likelihood for success than there is for failure.

Guess what?

All the research and statistics in the world can’t guarantee you results.

The only way to do that is by taking action.

It’s your own self-experiment and your method for testing the statistics.

The longer you sit and think about your potential for success, the greater chance you have of failing.

In that time thinking and calculating your odds, you’re actually placing bets against yourself.

You’re hurting your chances because you either find every reason possible that you cannot succeed or cloud your vision for greatness.

As soon as you take that first step and you start taking action, the cloud in your vision and the disbelief clear away to allow for further action and success.

The Answer Lies Within Action

Similar to the idea that the only way to determine your odds for success is by doing, the only way to find the answer to your potential is by doing.

Again, we love certainty. We love doing more and more research because we believe it will give us more answers about our journey and improve our likelihood for success.

Read all the blogs, articles, and research you want, but here’s the thing – they aren’t about you.

The only way you can learn about YOU and your likelihood for success is by doing.

It’s like running your own trial and error test.

Give something an honest and heartfelt try for one month, and I promise you will find more answers about yourself and your health than by reading any research articles

It Is the Secret to Growth

Here’s the thing about me – I HATE secrets.

Here’s another thing about me – I love growth and self-development.

Maybe it’s because I don’t like having secrets about myself?

Maybe I’m just THAT BAD at keeping secrets?

The other day I had a conversation about how much I love self-development and growth tools. I love finding ways to challenge myself and pushing myself to grow. Honestly, I have the tendency to push and challenge myself so much, that at times it can be one of my biggest faults.

But I love it.

I love learning new skills, tackling new tasks, and discovering more about myself.

There is not one time that I can think of where I DID NOT learn something about myself.

Regardless of if I succeeded or failed.

But so many of are comfortable and content where you’re at.

Yet when someone asks a question about you or you’re presented with a challenge, you wonder about how you’d fair in that scenario?

The only way you’ll uncover that secret is to try.

Succeed or fail and you’ll always learn something about yourself and how to go about the scenario in the future.

I know, I know, I’m getting a little pushy about this whole growth and taking action stuff, but here’s my last thing…

Look at the person you are in this moment.

Are you happy with this version of yourself?

If not, then how can you take action to create a version of yourself that you’re happy with?

What are you waiting for?

About The Author

Jordan Davies is the Co-Owner of Complete Performance. Jordan has her B.S. in Exercise Science and Psychology, and her M.A. in Holistic Health Studies. She is a CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach, and a PN-1 and NCI-1 certified nutrition coach. She loves to study how the human body needs to be moved and nourished and making that fit to your unique lifestyle. Click Here Now to Apply for Coaching with Jordan.

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