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How to Workout In 15-Minutes or Less

Imagine your schedule is jam packed.   Between family, work and social events, your calendar is FULL.   But then you look in the mirror or put on a pair of jeans and realize your waistline is also FULL…  Let’s be honest, that’s not your imagination, that’s your...

The Fat Loss Schedule

Have you ever started a diet only to feel like you don’t have time for it? All the time doing things like:  Meal Planning  Counting Calories  Working Out  It’s just too much!!  Is there a way to fit it all into your schedule??  During our #CPTeam Welcome Process, our...

Cardio & Fat Loss (The Truth)

Should you be doing cardio?  If you search the internet for weight loss recommendations, you’ll find the answer to be yes.   If you’re a female looking to burn body fat while scrolling social media, you’ll find the answer to be HELL YES.   Too often we resort to...

The Secret Formula to Strength and Conditioning

  When I was in sports growing up in middle school and high school, I signed up for every strength and conditioning opportunity that I had. Unfortunately, at the time there weren't as many available as there are today. Here is what I learned in college and beyond that...

3 Takeaways from Counting Calories

Did you know there’s only one way to lose weight?  What is it?  Through a calorie deficit!  In today’s world, I don’t come across too many people who have NEVER tracked calories.  It’s really become all the rage over the last 10 to 15 years.   Unfortunately, fitness...

How to Break the Binge-Restrict Cycle

Imagine it’s been another one of those days…  Your morning got off to a crazy start…  Your work day was stressful and chaotic…  And if somebody so much as looks at you the wrong way, you’re going to breakdown.    Putting it nicely - YOU. ARE. STRESSED.   Suddenly, you...

Why You Should Eat a Big A$$ Salad During Fat Loss

As a child, salads didn’t exist for me.   I was your classic chicken nugget and mac n’ cheese girl…  In fact, I’m not sure I knew a side salad was an option until my late teenage years, and even then, it wasn’t something I was eager to order or put on the menu.  ...

7 Ways to Make Your Workouts Harder

Are your workouts hard enough?  Are you doing enough to build muscle? Lose weight? Tone up?  At Complete Performance most of our clients come to us FINALLY ready to chase their body composition goals.   They trust us with their nutrition.   They hold on to our...

Power Requires Specificity

 In our last blog on sports performance, we talked about the essentials of power development. You can find that link here Today, we’re going to go a little bit more in depth with how we get that power to transfer the best. SAID Principle The SAID principle is going to...

How to Get Back in the Gym

Since I was 13 years old, the gym has been one of my favorite places. It’s the constant in my day, my safe space, and my time for ME. When I come back after time away, it’s like coming home after a long vacation – I’m grateful for the break, but SO ready to get back...

How to Know If a Challenge Is Right for You

In a country where over half of our population is overweight, we are DESPERATE for solutions. We need something -  ANYTHING - to get our rear in our gear, drop the unnecessary pounds, and fit the mold our society pressures us into fitting.  Workout VHS tapes and DVDs...

Essentials of Power Development

It’s a very timely topic today on power development and power output because we’re heading into a season for most athletes that work with us. Specifically, we have many softball, baseball and track athletes who rely heavily on power output and speed to be successful....

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